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Eye care goes hand in hand with your general health. Through your eyes we can detect many eye diseases: glaucoma, macular degeneration, retinal detachment, to name a few. What you may not realize is we can also diagnose many general heath conditions: High blood pressure, diabetes, tumors, skin cancer, high cholesterol, MS. With our advanced diagnostic testing we can achieve levels of sensitivity never before attained.

Retinal Health

Retinal Health

The Optos laser scanning ophthalmoscope, allows us to evaluate the peripheral retinal health without the use of blurring, burning eye drops.

3D Tissue Analysis

3D Tissue Analysis

Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is the equivalent of an MRI of the retinal tissue. It allows us to see down to the cellular level. Which is critically important in the diagnosis and management of macular degeneration and glaucoma.

Corneal Mapping

Corneal Mapping

Mapping of the surface of the cornea allows very early detection of genetic abnormalities that may require special care to maintain eye health and also determine whether a patient is a good candidate for laser surgery or corneal reshaping. It even enhances the ability to fit regular contacts more successfully.

Over 5,000 frames & sunglasses for every budget

Choose from great brands like Dior, Gucci, Prada, Tag Heuer, D&G, Juicy Couture, Vera Bradley, Ed Hardy, Maui Jim, Oakley and Rudy Project, to name a few. All eyeglasses made at Total Eyecare come with a complimentary one year warranty and lifetime adjustments.

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The Largest Inventory of Diagnostic Contact Lenses in New Jersey

We have the largest inventory of diagnostic contact lenses in New Jersey. This allows us to fit 90% of all contact lenses patients on the same day. Our philosophy for our contact lens patients is the same as for the eye exam; The best state of the art contact lenses to solve any problems from dry eye to bifocal and astigmatism.

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